Band Website:
Wolves In The Throne Room


Band Members:

Aaron -- drums
Rick -- guitars, vocals
Nathan -- guitars, vocals


01. Queen of the Borrowed Light
02. Face in a Night Time Mirror Part 1
03. Face in a Night Time Mirror Part 2
04. (A Shimmering Radiance) Diadem of 12 Stars

Holy shit. If you thought this is some Norwegian black metal band you're wrong. They're out of Olympia, Washington and they definitely have a grasp on what's it like to be a black metal band. Washington can be a pretty dismal state to live in and I think that works just as well as the eerie landscape of Norway does. The guitar riffs are incredibly thunderous and the drum work is frenzied. There is no other description for that. The vocals are harsh and rough and screaming out pain and melancholy. I think everyone in Washington should appreciate that. There are some female vocals on there as well that lend to the savagery. I definitely look forward to more work from these folks.