Band Website:
State Of Man


Band Members:

Thomas Panza -- guitar
John Stringer -- vocals
James Beale -- bass
Chris Love -- drums


01. Swallow Your Fears
02. Be Still (My Heart)
03. Bound In Chains
04. Symmetry
05. Never Forget
06. What Would You Do
07. Just Walk Away
08. Gonna Be Fine
09. Human Condition
10. Rise Again

I poppped the CD into the player and got bombarded with some really good crafted lyrical songwriting with melodic harmonies and catchy hooks. I don't think I've come across music of this type so well done in a while. Definitely some good grooving rock and roll. It's one of those CDs where you find yourself listening all the way through. Apparently these guys are blazing the touring trail making themselves known everywhere. I can only imagine what these guys must sound like live.