Band Website:
The States


Band Members:

Chris Snyder -- guitar, vocals
Previn Warren -- bass
Jim Stroll -- drummer


01. Charm Offensive
02. New Land
03. Checkout
04. The Architect
05. Darkest Hour
06. All The Salt In The Sea
07. Black Jack
08. CCTV (I'm A Star)
09. 8X10
10. Be Good Tonight
11. God's Numbers

I always find it truly amazing how three guys can create such great music that normally would take four or five but man, these dudes deliver. The bassist and drummer work together to give the music a full body of sound and depth while the guitar player give you a wall of sound. The songs are well crafted with well written lyrics. This is their second release which can always be pretty trying because you're expected to top your first release. Haven't heard their initial release I don't know if they managed to do that or not but they definitely display some really catchy tunes. I always listen to a CD four or five times because sometimes they grab me at first and sometimes they don't. This one definitely took some time but it's grown on me. The songs are nice and diverse and the vocals have a bit of range to them. The lyrics are definitely worthy of paying attention to. All in all a great release.