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Band Members:

Stefy Rae -- vocals
Sean Meyer -- guitar
Andreas Brobjer -- drums
Jason Gaviati -- keyboards


01. Chelsea
02. Hey School Boy
03. Love You To Death
04. Orange County
05. Where Are The Boys
06. Cover Up
07. Orange Crush
08. Lucky Girl
09. You And Me Against The World
10. Pretty Little Nightmare
11. Nothing Really

I don't normally review pop bands but I totally dug this CD. I hear a lot of No Doubt and Gwen Stefani influence but at the same time Stefy has her own identity. The songs are catchy and for the most part memorable. There is a fun, poppy atmosphere and I can't really find any fault with any of the songs. The musicianship is tight and it sounds like they had a lot of fun and energy doing this record. These guys are not inventing anything new but they're definitely carrying on the tradition of good pop.