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Band Members:

Stefan Zell -- vocals
Mikael Zell -- guitars
Thomas Jansson -- bass
Per Henriksson -- keyboards
Marcus Losbjer -- drums


01. A House Of Plague
02. Bleeding
03. Taste Of Sand
04. Nothing More
05. Sleepy Town
06. Liar On The Mount
07. Hiding
08. This Cold Heart Of Mine
09. And She Slowly Dies

This band hails from Sweden and if you're looking for melodic progressive rock these guys are definitely for you. I sense some Pink Floyd influences in their songs which are very diverse and keep your attention during the entire disc. The musicians are definitely a talented lot who bring you a lot of really great melodies with a bit of a metal edge to some of them. They remind you a bit of Opeth and Dream Theater so if you like those bands you will totally dig this one. There are no death metal vocals on this release, just clean vocals which add to the texture of the album.