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Band Members:

Torgrim Torve -- vocals, guitar,br> Erlend Gjerde -- drums
Havard Gjerde -- bass
Ronny Flissundet -- guitar


01. Ghost Circles
02. Arrows
03. Hunter
04. At Arms Length
05. Resistance
06. The White Shaded Lie
07. Triggerfinger
08. Barricades
09. Goldbar
10. Darkest Hour

This band hails from Norway and is a mixture of rock and metal. There is some thrash and stoner in it as well. It's a really cool CD to jam to. It's got kind of a sleazy sound to it. The band definitely knows how to write some good tunes and there is a good variety of styles throughout the record. I think the guitar work is quite good. They have some really good heavy riffs which back up the vocal work quite well. The drummer definitely provides a good back beat. This is definitely a band that should get some radio airplay because their songs are definitely radio friendly. All in all this is a very solid release and is over just too damn quickly.