Band Website:
Theatre Of Tragedy


Band Members:

Nell Sigland -- vocals
Raymond Rohonyi -- vocals
Hein Hansen -- drums
Frank Claussen -- guitars
Vegard Thorsen -- guitars
Lorentz Aspen -- synth, piano


01. Storm
02. Silence
03. Ashes And Dreams
04. Voices
05. Fade
06. Begin & End
07. Senseless
08. Exile
09. Disintegration
10. Debris

I thought this was a very cool CD. What I really loved was the female vocals intertwined with the male vocals. Apparently they have a new vocalistnamed Nell Sigland who replaced Liv Kristine but they sound pretty similar vocally. They remind me a bit of Lacuna Coil or Evanescence. This band hails from Norway and they're a bit in the gothic realm with a bit of industrial thrown in. The male vocalist doesn't deal with death metal or black metal vocals but instead embraces rather regular vocals that tend to send chills down your spine. For people who like really melodic music and vocals I think this CD is what they're looking for.