Band Website:
The Strangers Six


Band Members:

Aaron Thompson -- vocals
Evan Ehrich -- bass
Thomas Garcia -- guitar
Luke Johnson -- guitar
Jason Perry -- drums


01. Back To The Start
02. Echo
03. Skin Your Teeth
04. Love Letter
05. No Time For Queens
06. Caged Heat
07. Hiss And Hearse
08. Chopping Block
09. One Step Closer
10. Ready To Fall
11. I Only Sleepwalk

I'm a huge lover of glam rock and these guys definitely did not disappoint me. Great rock music, tight musicianship, and some really well written songs definitely make your head nod along with the beat with a good punk sensibility to go along with it. . There is absolutely no filler material on this record so it's well worth the money spent on it. The vocalist does a great job on all the tracks. It seems like with every song he just reinvents himself. Definitely a great variety of style going on there. Good dark lyrical content with an upbeat sound to it. I would definitely say this record is a must have.