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Band Members:

Jon Nicholas -- vocals, guitar
Steve Hales -- drums
Pete Bartlett -- bass, keyboards


01. Total Eclipse
02. Discretion
03. Achilles Heel
04. Stranglehold
05. Instinctively Infectious
06. Dying By Design
07. XIII
08. Different Faces
09. Subliminal Stimulus
10. Depth Charged

A couple of these guys were in a band called Lionsheart and teamed up as a trio to bring us Stranglehold. I always find it amazing how a small group of three can sound so huge. But like other trios like King's X and Rush and what have you, they sound huge. This band doesn't really strike me as power metal but more of progressive metal because of the really great keyboard work. Don't get me wrong. The guitar riffs are damn good too. And I love the vocals. None of that thin sound you get from some vocalists who try to reach notes they can't. Jon has a very good vocal range. These guys put a really good record together with melodic structures, harmonious vocals, and great production. Definitely a joy to listen to.