Band Website:
Jim Stubblefield


Band Members:

Jim Stubblefied -- nylon and steel string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synthesizers
Ruben Ramos -- bass
Randy Tico -- bass
Bryan Brock -- percussion
Novi Novog -- viola


01. La Selva Negra
02. Gitana Mora
03. One Quiet Night
04. The Mystic's Dream
05. Lumiere Du Soleil
06. Rumba Arabe
07. Eye Of The Sun (Part 1)
08. Eye Of The Sun (Part 2)
09. El Vaquero
10. A Gypsy's Kiss

Okay, why am I reviewing a flamenco guitarist on a rock and metal webzine? Well, because sometimes I come across stuff that is beautiful, inspiring, and strikes a chord with me. And also because I find a lot of rock and metal fans and even musicians like other types of music in addition to their main passion. And because we're all bettered by the music we listen to. I cam across this guy and listened to his music and it's awesome stuff. This is his first solo release in a decade and he's traveled all over the world and has been inspired by the music he's come into contact with. He's also one of those people you can't apply a label to because he plays such a variety of different music. This guy's music is well composed and excellently played and produced. All of the compositions take you on a mystical carpet ride through Latin America, Spain, and even the Middle East. He understands and respects different cultures and he takes you along on an experience that is mind blowing and that you won't forget soon. This is your ticket to world travel on a sonic level. Enjoy the trip.