Band Website:
The Esoteric


Band Members:

Steve Cruz -- vocals
Cory White -- guitar
Eric Graves -- guitar
Anthony Diale -- bass
Marshall Kilpatric -- drums


01. Destroy, She Said
02. Science Is Sexy
03. Language Is A Virus
04. Shipyards Of Foreign Cities
05. We Will Not Be Convinced...
06. Don't Waste Guts
07. Our Exquisite Corpse
08. Nothing Remains The Same
09. You Are The Execution
10. Clone Culture And The Cut-Up Method

I think what's so cool about this band is that they ca n't be labeled as one thing or another because they embrace elements of many genres of music. The record is riddled with angst but the songs are positive and hopeful and delivered with a sonic wall of sound that will blow away any authoritarian figure. Defiance is always best in my opinion.