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Band Members:

Nick Agusto -- drums
Kevin Gibbons -- bass
Brian Werner -- vocals
Brian Magley -- guitars
Zack Brown -- keyboards
Sam Molina -- guitars


01. Shades Of Obscurity
02. Embodiment Of Sin
03. Sleeping God
04. Oracle Of Armageddon
05. March Of Death
06. AIDS

Good lord, I loved this CD for the artwork alone. Is that not fucking awesome? The CD starts off with a nice classical music beginning and then kicks in gear. A band made in Hell. This is a band out of Florida and the musicianship on here is amazing. I mean the drumming and guitar playing alone is outstanding. This is one talented group of guys. The vocalist sounds like he just got out of a five year stint in Hell. On "Sleeping God" he definitely has a great fucking set of lungs. These guys definitely know how to mix death and black metal into a fine blend. "March Of Death" has more of a thrash sound to it I think. The guitar riffs are amazing. This whole fucking CD is amazing. And when it's over you kind of wonder where the rest of the music is. This CD fucking kills. Go get it.