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Band Members:

Diesel Dahl -- drums
Tony Harnell -- vocals
Ronni Le Tekro -- guitars


01. A Fix
02. Too Late
03. Driving
04. Me And I
05. Sometimes
06. All The Way To The Sun
07. What A Wonderful World
08. The Letter
09. Mastic Pines
10. Black Butterfly
11. Save Your Love
12. Ready To Fly

Do you need a fix? Well starting with the song "A Fix", you get a fix of some good old school rock. The songs are good and catchy, melodic guitars are heard throughout the album, and Tony's vocals are totally amazing. For a trio, they put out a whole lot of sound. I thought every song on the record was a gem and it's awesome to see this band continue to mature. If you want catchy tunes and melodic playing and good harmonies, pick this up.