Band Website:
Tony O'Hora

Band Members:

Tony O'Hora -- vocals
Magnus Karlsson -- bass, drums, guitar



01. Broken Soul
02. Escape Into The Sun
03. No More Innocence
04. High Enough
05. My Final Prayer
06. Dreamless Nights
07. More Than We Know
08. Close To Me
09. Evil Love
10. Black Wings
11. Start All Over
12. Never Alone

For people familiar with the bands Praying Mantis and Sweet, you know this vocalist. His latest release is a nice heavy metal album with a melodic twist accompanied by guitar solos. The guy has just a great set of pipes and the songs are just huge. A lot of that may have something to do with Magnus Karlsson being a major part of this. The record is well put together with tight musicianship and it's a must have for metal fans.