Band Website:
Fields Of The Nephilim


Band Members:

Carl McCoy -- vocals and who knows what else


01. Shroud (Exordium)
02. Straight To The Light
03. New Gold Dawn
04. Requiem XIII-33 (Le Veilleur Silencieux)
05. Xiberia (Seasons In The Ice Cage)
06. She
07. Mourning Sun

This band has had its up and downs but Carl McCoy comes blazing back again. From the beginning to the end of this CD your attention is caught and you're mesmerized. It's a record where you definitely have to listen to every track. There is no skipping around even though you won't want to anyway. The beginning track is fucking creepy as hell and it just gets more creepy. This guy seriously sat down and wrote an awesome epic that rocks you and makes you teary eyed at times. The music is just outstanding. There are layers upon layers of synth and bass and drums and heavy guitars and the vocals. It's an incredible record. That's all I can tell you.