Band Website:
Joe Lynn Turner

Band Members:

Joe Lynn Turner -- vocals
Chris Schmidt -- drums
Uwe Reitenauer -- guitar
Yokes Weyer -- keyboards
Dennis Ward -- bass


01. Keep Tonight
02. Fame And Fortune
03. Heart Over Mind
04. This Is My Heart
05. Strength Over Time
06. Another You
07. Fist Full Of Heat
08. Love's Gone Wrong
09. Night Moves
10. Danger Of Love
11. Making Up For Lost Time
12. Arms Of Love

Apparently Joe Lynn Turner did some demos a while back but but he didn't really do much with them and worked on other stuff instead. Apparently he decided to go on and release these songs now and it's a good thing he did because they're great songs. Joe Lynn Turner has to have one of the best voices in rock and he proves it once again with this release. It's a very rocking, melodic record with some great songwriting. This is definitely a lot better music than most of what you hear today so if you like really melodic rock with exceptional singing, pick this up.