Band Website:
Bif Naked


Band Members:

Bif Naked -- vocals
Todd Kerns -- guitars, bass
Doug Fury -- guitars, bass, programming
Peter Karroll -- bass
Scotty Sexx -- drums
John Webster -- keyboards, strings, programming
Mike Norman -- keyboards, strings, programming


01. Abandonment
02. Let Down
03. Everyday
04. Yeah, You
05. That's Life
06. Nothing Else Matters
07. I Want
08. Funeral Of A Good Grrl
09. Henry
10. The World Is Over
11. The Question Song
12. Ladybug Waltz
13. After A While

This artist is someone I've been listening to for a long time and this is another album I have the pleasure of reviewing. She always writes very good songs with catchy tunes and lyrics that you can definitely relate to. How many of us have felt abandoned by other people before? I love the cover she does of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters". Very good cover. YOu can always tell that her songs come from actual life experiences because they're so passionate and heartfelt. I think this album is another stellar release of guitar driven rock with attitude.