Band Website:


Band Members:

Superdude -- vocals
JP -- electric guitar, slide guitar, bass, synthesizers, percussion
Ace -- drums


01. Pothead Punk
02. Java Jones
03. Johnny On The Spot
04. Beeperman
05. The CD Motel
06. Step To The Music
07. Superman
08. Junkfood Junkie
09. Toxic Waste
10. African Herbsman

Well, this dude has quite a history. He was part of Andy Warhol's entourage. That guy always had people hanging around him. He also apparently got to announce KISS and The New York Dolls on stage. He's also won a lot of awards for marijuana use or for playing at shows that encourage marijuana use. Something like that. So I popped the CD and gave it a spin and it had me cracking up. The music is pretty zippy and peppy and punkish oriented but it's the lyrics that really make you laugh. He puts together some pretty hilarious lyrics about somking pot and drinking a lot of coffee. I'm not quite sure what "Step To The Music" is supposed to be. Maybe making fun of all these songs that come out where people sing about how you need to dance. It's got one of those electro techno beats to it. All in all some pretty tongue in cheek hilarious shit.