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Band Members:

Aaron Kirby -- vocals
Greg Scott -- guitar
Joe Gill -- guitar, vocals
Richard Musser -- drums
Daniel Hogeland -- bass


01. Last Day To Forget
02. Cast For Your Heart
03. Choke On The Air
04. First And Ten
05. Screaming Because He's On Fire
06. Breathing Water
07. Needless To Say
08. Touch For Sore Hands
09. We Have Until Tomorrow
10. Lipstick Scratches, Paper Rocks
11. Upon This Blade
12. In An Age Of Heroes

I find these guys to be really talented musicians. They are in the same vein as I would say As I Lay Dying and Unearth. A lot of people complain that well it's not original but after the first band who originates a new sound puts out their debut, those who follow are not original but put their on twist on it and that's what the guys in Dryline have done. I especially found the guitarists to be extremely good at putting out melodic riffs that serve as a backdrop to the brutal vocals that are displayed. For a debut full-length release, I think these guys show you how brutal and heavy a Texas metal band can be. My favorite tunes are definitely "Screaming Because He's On Fire" and "Lipstick Sratches, Paper Rocks". Great job my fellow Dallasites.