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Band Members:

Gig Michaels -- vocals, acoustic guitar
Marty Hill -- guitars, dobro
Duke Rivers -- B3, piano
Michael Hough -- guitar
Robbie Hegler -- bass
David Lee -- drums


01. I'm Feelin' Saturday
02. Sometimes
03. Birthday
04. Blind Crippled And Crazy
05. Backporch
06. The River
07. Sunday Southern Tradition
08. Miss Becky
09. Little Pill Called The Truth
10. Tastes Like Chicken To Me

Ready for some southern style rock ala Lynyrd Skynyrd? Well, these good old boys deliver on that score. I totally enjoyed the whole CD. The songs are fucking fun!!!! Yes, they sing about drinking, they sing about chicks, they sing about having fun. Good lord, is this refreshing or what? They're not pissed at the world, they're not anal retentive. You've got great guitar riffs, melodic songs, and great vocals from the heart. I highly recommend this CD. You'll love it, I'll guarantee it.