Band Website:
Steel Attack


Band Members:

Ronny Hemlin -- vocals
John Allan -- guitar
Johan Jalonen -- guitar
Tony Elfving -- drums
Anden Andersson -- bass


01. Diabolic Symphony
02. Dead Forever
03. Shallow Seas Of Hatred
04. Dreaming
05. Embraced By Fear
06. Invisible God
07. Sanctimonious
08. Haunting
09. Show Me The Way
10. Winter Hell
11. Bow My Head In Shame
12. The Other Side

This is a Swedish band and this is their fifth studio album. They're a power metal band with the emphasis on power. The album is very heavy with some really great guitar work and huge sounding drums. The atmosphere is rather brooding and dark with some very powerful vocals thrown in for good measure. This is the darker side of power metal and definitely worth checking out.