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Band Members:
Jess Franklin -- vocals, guitar
Cameron Williams -- vocals, guitar
Stephen Spivey -- bass guitar, background vocals
Richard Proctor -- drums, percussion


01. Wastin' Time
02. Hillbilly Wine
03. Poison Whiskey
04. Magic
05. Rome
06. Billy
07. Smoked Mullet
08. Willin' To Die
09. Legend Of George Nelson
10. Worn Out Soles
11. Ain't Got Time
12. Reprise

This is a very cool band which has a strong blues and Southern rock influence. The songs are a mixture of fresh material and some older material that fit in well with the theme of the album. I love the vocals. They're very laid back and bluesy in quality. The guitar riffs are very good and the slide guitar work is excellent. The songs are like smooth whiskey going down and I must admit two of my faves on this are "Hillbilly Wine" and "Poison Whiskey". The lyrical content is very good and tells some good stories. All in all a good band that I feel will leave its mark.