Band Website:
Silent Civilian

Band Members:

Jonny Santos -- vocals, guitars
Henno -- vocals, bass
Chris Mora -- drums


01. Intro - Call To Arms
02. Funeral
03. The Song Remains Un-Named
04. Rebirth Of The Temple
05. Divided
06. Bitter Pill
07. Force Fed
08. Lies In The House Of Shame
09. Wrath
10. Dead To Me 2006
11. Blood Red Sky
12. Falling Down
13. Live Again

This is the debut of ex-Spineshank singer Jonny Santos. He wanted to come out with something hard and heavy as fuck and here it is. It delivers. This trio does some amazing stuff especially when it comes to guitar work. There are some really cool solos on here. Each song on here delivers a pretty packed punch. It's a pretty good variety of material. I would definitely recommend people picking this up.