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Band Members:

Richard Lion -- guitars
Kalle Metz -- vocals
Jenny T - bass
Ivana -- keyboards
Andreas Albihn -- drums
Michael Körner -- guitars, computer stuff


01. Silver Flame
02. Mistress Of The Dark
03. Serpents Fire
04. Shine
05. Blue
06. Play
07. Nightmare
08. Black Void Nirvana
09. Hearts Blood
10. Night Reborn

I totally loved this CD. This is a Swedish gothic metal band who reminds you of bands like Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, and the 69 Eyes. They've released several CDs but this is the first U.S. release. The songs are very melodic and catchy and yet still retain that melancholy edge to them. This band has apparently gone through several changes over the years and they've become one of the darkest brooding goth bands out there. Each release gets progressively darker and I think even a flashlight won't help you see in this darkness. The musicianship on the record is quite solid. The vocalist tends to sound a lot like Peter Steele in my opinion which is not a bad thing. The songs are definitely varied and at times I hear a Danzig influence as well. All in all a very interesting release.