Band Website:

Band Members:
Angelo Espino -- bass
Glenn Rogers -- guitar
Katon W. DePena -- vocals
Dave Watson -- guitar
Jorge Iacobellis -- drums


01. Kill Switch
02. Hostile Territory
03. The New Age Of Terror
04. Swords Of Steel
05. Into The Ruins
06. Massacre Of The Innocent
07. Hell On Earth
08. Suffer
09, El Dia De Los Muertos (The Day Of The Dead)
10. El Diablo Negro
11. Unleash The Dogs Of War (Open The Gates)

The masters of thrash metal are back with a merciless assault. These guys have been laying low for a while but are back with a fury and a vengeance. The music is fast, it's furious, and the vocals are spellbinding. You get pounded from beginning to end with tunes like "Kill Switch", "Swords Of Steel", and "Unleash The Dogs Of War". Katon gets his point across on every song. This is the new age of terror and Hirax is at the helm. The veterans of thrash are back and the dogs of war have been unleashed.