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Band Members:

Anthony Rezhawk -- vocals
Jesse Pintado -- guitar
Tony Norman -- bass
Pete Sandoval -- drums


01. Inevitable
02. Darker Days Ahead
03. Crematorium
04. Fallout
05. Doomed Forever
06. Mayhem
07. Blind Army
08. Nightmare
09. Legacy Of Brutality
10. Dead Shall Rise 06
11. Victim Of Greed
12. Ghost Train

Terrorizer was a band that started in 1989 and released one album that would influence bands for quite a few years. What was truly amazing about this band is that they only released one album. It was a cult success that wouldn't be duplicated for decades. Now finally they come out with their second release which is just as blistering and in your face. Unfortunately we lost Jesse Pintado. We can only hope that he is resting in peace. He left behind a legacy that will always be remembered. If anything Pete Sandoval's drumming has improved during the years and he pulverizes his way through all the tunes on here. World Downfall will always be a cult classic but it's great to have this new release.