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Band Members:

Awol One -- turntable, mixer, keyboards
Mark Waters -- guitar


01. Breakdead
02. Skellotonfight
03. Hauntstyle
04. Cursedance
05. Whittierblvd
06. Numberonedj
07. Droppit
08. Eddiemunster
09. Tonedeaf
10. Whenitallhappened
11. Angelsing

This is basically electronic dance music that has a really good groove to it. It's called electro death hop and it's got a heavy synth line and a good beat. It's definitely great music for any dance party which I'm sure is what it was recorded for. It's definitely a disc I'll take along to the Halloween party I'm going to next Friday. Let the monsters and freaks come out and rejoice to moving and grooving.