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The 11th Hour


01. Chiaro (Arve Henriksen)
02. Lullabye For Christie (Dirty Three)
03. White Lake (Deaf Center)
04. Sigur 3 (Sigur Ros) 05. Mondlied (Triola)
06. Otterley (Cocteau Twins)
07. Wasted Years (Ulf Lohmann)
08. Svefn G Englar (Sigur Ros)
09. Soft Mistake (Lamb)
10. Mogwai Fear Satan (Mogwai)
11. Kemp (Lukas Haas)

This is a soundtrack to a documentary that examines human involvement in causing severe environmental issues and the ultimate destruction and chaos that this could lead to. The songs chosen for this soundtrack are a quite fitting musical landscape for what is hoped to be a brighter future for our world should we start caring a little more about our impact on our environment. The songs are very emotional and go along with Leonardo DiCaprio's narration of where we are presently and where we are headed to in the future. Some of the best bands have been chosen for this project. Most of the songs are instrumentals. Definitely highly recommended.