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Band Members:

Brent Smith -- vocals
Jasin Todd -- guitar
Brad Stewart -- bass guitar
Barry Kerch -- drums
Paul Fleury -- cello
Juan Perez -- maracas


01. The Dream
02. Heroes
03. Save Me
04. I Dare You
05. Yer Majesty
06. Beyond The Sun
07. Trade Yourself In
08. Lady So Divine
09. Shed Some Light
10. Begin Again
11. Atmosphere
12. Fake
13. Some Day

These guys are incredible. Basically you have a heavy sound with southern rock mixed in plus some really well written and meaningful lyrics. I like the fact that they can take a classic rock sound and apply some modern sounding stuff to it and come up with something fresh. They seem to be a band that can experiment with their sound and never repeat themselves. "Beyond The Sun" and "Save Me" were my two favorites on this one.