Band Website:
The Void


Band Members:

Diego Fogliacco - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Giorgio Barroccu - bass, keyboards
Andrea Di Martino - drums


01. Light
02. Macha
03. Vision of The Truth
04. Hope
05. I Need Light
06. Sad Moon
07. Beauty
08. Fearless Gladiator
09. Step Into Nowhere

These guys got together back in 1998 and released a couple of demos and a couple of other releases. This is their debut full length release. They're a combination of gothic and doom metal. The vocalist has a very dark and doomy sound and gives you the shivers listening to him. The musical arrangements are very diverse and well put together. The instrumentation is quite soaring and you can tell these guys know their craft well. I love the symphonic air of the record. The songs vary from each other with a different touch added to each one. These guys sound like Moonspell and King Diamond entertwined into one. Definitely a recommended band to look into.