Band Website:
Light This City


Band Members:

Mike Dias -- bass
Brian Forbes -- guitar
Steve Hoffman -- guitar
Ben Murray -- drums
Laura Nichol -- vocals


01. Facing The Thousand
02. Cradle For A King
03. The Unwelcome Savior
04. Exile
05. Maddening Swarm
06. City Of The Snares
07. The Eagle
08. Fear Of Heights
09. Tracks Of Decay
10. Like Every Song's Our Last

I've heard material from this band before and they're definitely a very talented band. Fronted by a female vocalist, they are bound and determined to keep the Bay Area legacy going with thrash roots and love for extreme metal. This band kicks your ass from the melodic guitar riffs to the snarling vocals. The song structures have totally improved and these young people are definitely going in the right direction. I am totally impressed with this latest release. This band is a real treat.