Band Website:
Till We Die


Band Members:

Dave Stewart -- drums
Joe DeMarco -- guitar
Mitty -- vocals
Mike LaRoche -- bass


01. Ride
02. Slave
03. Low
04. Do It Again
05. Skitzo
06. Lies
07. Ups
08. That Day
09. Selfish
10. Pressing On
11. Defined
12. Ting
13. Apology

This band hails from Massachusetts and this is their debut release. These guys are not exactly coming up with anything original but they do show promise of becoming a pretty successful band. Some of their tunes are extremely heavy and some are more on the melodic side of things. Most of the vocals are clean but some are screamo. There are definitely some great guitar riffs and I can tell just by listening to the CD that these guys must put on some pretty high energy shows because they manage to somehow capture that live vibe on the CD. These guys definitely show that they can handle both sides of the metal spectrum. The record isn't quite as cohesive as it should be but with a little more work these guys will definitely make the grade. I think they put a lot of good effort in their first release and they show that they can rock and they can pummel your ass at the same time. Keep your eye on these guys and pick up the disc. There are gems on here.