Band Website:
Last Crack


Band Members:

Buddo -- vocals
Paul Schluter -- guitars
Don Bakken -- guitar
Todd Winger -- bass
Phil Buerstatte -- drums, percussion


01. Wicked Sandbox
02. Mini Toboggan
03. Energy Mind
04. My Burning Time
05. Precious Human Stress
06. Love, Craig
07. Kiss A The cold
08. Love Or Surrender
09. Mack Bolasses
10. Blue Fly, Fish Sky
11. Papa Mugaya
12. Down Beat Dirt Messiah
13. Oooh
14. Energy Mind (live)
15. Mack Bolasses (live)

This CD was even better than their debut release. These guys were definitely on their way to becoming a pretty solid rock band. The musicianship was great with passionate vocals and really impressive lyrical content. The guitar work on this CD alone was enough to make me appreciate the work these guys put into this release. I'm rather amazed that I hadn't heard of this band before now. It's so easy to slip between the cracks. I did an interview with Michael Kiske and throughout that interview he expressed honesty in music. Are you honest about your music. I think these guys were honest about their music and somehow a lot of people lost out on not hearing this band. It's sad to see a band break up due to bad management but now they seem to be coming back. The idea is exhilirating.