Band Website:
Richard Andersson


Band Members:

Richard Andersson -- keyboards
Göran Edman -- vocals
Magnus Nilsson -- guitars
Andy Rose -- bass
Jörg Andrews -- drums


01. Sin To Sin
02. The Talisman
03. Optical Illusion
04. The Ashen Soul
05. Ocean Wings
06. Creator In Time
07. Miracle Man
08. Sphere Of Fantasy

This CD was a pleasure to listen. Never have I heard such flawlessness on a CD. The musicians who participated in this project are definitely among the best I've ever heard. This is a nice progressive release with neo-classical leanings and definitely opens me up to even more styles of music. The CD flows and the musicians can effortless change from one style to another. Candlelight never fails to amaze me with their roster of bands. I'll be listening to this one for a while.