Band Website:
Our Lady Peace

Band Members:

Raine Maida -- vocals
Steve Mazur -- guitar
Duncan Coutts -- bass guitar
Jeremy Taggert -- drums


01. Angels Losing Sleep
02. Will The Future Blame Us
03. Picture
04. Where Are You
05. Wipe That Smile Off Your Face
06. Love And Trust
07. Boy
08. Apology
09. The World On A String
10. Don't Stop
11. Walking In Circles

This is the first release I've heard from this band and I really liked it. They're not afraid to write introspective songs and there's a good mixture of slow paced songs and fast paced songs. It's a very solid and straight forward album with no filler material that I could find on it. The lyrical content definitely makes you think about things and it's delivered quite well with passion and finesse. It's definitely a keeper.