Band Website:

Band Members:
Danner -- vocals
Jim Seishas -- guitar
Eric Tamo -- bass
Mike Reed - drums


01. More
02. The Suit
03. Reign
04. Mothra
05. Broken Glasses
06. Michelle
07. Godbear
08. Mother Snake
09. Camp Candy
10. Portland

I enjoyed this CD. For one thing, it's quite a rocker and the more times you spin it, the more you like it. For another, the songs are melodic with catchy lyrics. The band is edgy and has what I think is a punk attitude which is very cool. The vocals are passionate. The vocalist is really into his lyrics and delivers a very raw emotional feel. Great harmonies. I really liked the guitar work as well. My favorite tune on this disc is definitely "Reign". I think the band is extremely talented and you'll probably be hearing a lot about them pretty soon.