Band Website:
The Man From The Moon


Band Members:

Micke Moberg -- vocals, all instruments


01. Rocket Attack
02. Warm Blooded Woman
03. Eagle Free
04. Revolution
05. President Of Madness
06. In Love And Memory
07. The Walker
08. I Am Your God
09. Ice Man
10. Dance Mamma
11. Time Gives A Moment
12. My Home Town

This was a rather interesting listen. I must admit I loved the gatefold CD cover. I love the artwork. I am so impressed with artwork because I come from that last generation that had the opportunity to appreciate vinyl. The CD itself is totally rock. It's another one of those one man projects that sound like an entire band but it's one dude doing it all. For people who like melodic rock as I do, it's remininscent of the rock put out in the 70's and 80's and the songs are quite catchy and enjoyable. The label it was released on seems a little out of kilter because it's mainly a metal label but I really enjoyed listening to this. I'm totally impressed by this man's talent of different instruments. The production is impressive and his vocal abilities are impressive as well. All in all a very enjoyable rock release.