Band Website:
Lullaby Baxter


Band Members:

Lullaby Baxter -- vocals
Jeffrey Clemens -- drums
Susan Cowsill -- vocals


01. What's Wrong with You?
02. Cardboard Armoured Car
03. Little Song
04. Sugar
05. Fontana Fontaine
06. Lord, I Won't Fight You Anymore
07. Antarctica
08. Mr. Golden Happiness
09. Let the Fun Begin
10. Dumptruck
11. Rattled Little Clam
12. Jet-Pack

Yeah, I know. What does this cabaret style of music have to do with rock and metal? Well, it's one of those little gems you find every once in a while and you have to share it with people because you know they'll like it. This lady combines the elements of jazz, pop, and rock and comes up with a pretty droll mixture. Her songs are whimsical and laid back and generally very mellow. They're abstractic, psychedelic, and just different. The lyrics are pretty introspective. Open your mind, breathe in some fresh air, and listen to Lullaby.