Band Website:
Throne Of Katarsis


Band Members:

Grimnisse -- vocals, guitar
Godhate -- guitar
Lord Imalas -- bass
Vardalv -- drums


01. Funeral Moonlight
02. Under Guds Hud
03. Symbols Of Winter
04. Nattaander
05. An Eternal Dark Horizon

This is a duo of musicians who hail from Norway. Big surprise, eh? Of course with this being a black metal band you have blast beats, heavy guitar riffs, and menacing growls that bring images of evilness, burning churches, and scary forest scenes. The tracks are pretty interesting. There are only five tracks but each one clocks in around 10 minutes or so. There is a lot of interesting guitar work on each track and you kind of get the impression that you're listening to different songs within the same song. You even hear some acoustic guitars in the mix. This is a record that you can't sink your teeth into the first time around but after a few spins, you really get into what these two guys are trying to do which is create some really dark, creepy songs. You also hear some interesting things if you listen very closely. If you really want a dark black metal feast, sink your teeth into this.