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Band Members:

Julie Kiss - vocals
Tom Maclean - guitar
Lee Barrett - bass
Paul Westwood - drums
Hen -- keyboards


01. The Lie
02. Mirage
03. The Glory Of A New Day
04. Inside The Hourglass
05. A Sorrow To Kill
06. Asylum
07. Fallen From Grace
08. Temptation

This is the second album of To-Mera's that I've listened to. I was really impressed with their first release and I totally love this one as well. I love anything that is basically experimental in nature which progressive metal usually is. These folks are very talented at what they do without a doubt. There's a lot of intricacy on this record especially with the guitars and the keyboards. The drumming is great as well. There's such a great mixture of different types of riffs and even musical styles such as rock and jazz. The listener's attention is definitely focused on the music and there's no chance any monotomy. Some people feel that there are too many riff changes but I think that's what keeps the record interesting. The vocals are really good as well. Definitely quite enchanting. There's been a huge buzz about this band and I definitely can see why.