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Band Members:

Pär Johansson -- vocals
Christian Älvestam -- rhythm guitar
Patrik Gardberg -- lead guitar
Sniper -- bass
Henrik Schönström -- drums


01. Dark Clouds Gathering
02. Last Line Of Defence
03. Burial Waters, Deepsome Graves
04. Swift Turns Of War
05. The Stale Drownings
06. Battlespawn
07. Where Night Is Total
08. Sealer Of Fates
09. The Blunt Weapon

This band is comprised of members of Scar Symmetry, Satariel, and Angel Blake and apparently this is their sophomore album. They're a Swedish band. This a concept record that deals with a couple of events that happened during World War 1. One event was the Battle Of Jutland which you can look up on the Internet and learn about and the other event was the sinking of a German submarine off the coast of Great Britain. The record is really fantastic. They incorporate battle sound effects with strings and electronica into their thrash and black metal sound. The guitarists trade off some really brutal guitar riffs. It's a really intense and exciting record. It moves along at the pace that a battle would. Sometimes extremely quickly and sometimes a bit slower. You never lose interest and you never skip any tracks.