Band Website:
Torman Maxt


Band Members:

Vincent Massaro -- drums
Dominic Massaro -- bass, keyboards
Tony Mossaro -- guitar, vocals


01. Overture
02. Job's Song
03. The Angel's First Song
04. Satan's First Song
05. Job's Initial Shock
06. Job's Resolve
07. Job's Commitment
08. The Angel's Second Song
09. Satan's Second Song
10. Job's Contemplation
11. Job's Second Response
12. Job's Wife

This trio is made up of three brothers and they apparently are a Christian progressive metal band. This is a conceptual album that I imagine is based on the book of Job in the Bible. I'm not a Christian so I don't really know much about this but it has something to do with God proving to Satan that Job loves God. It's a really interesting adaptation to an old tale. I actually enjoy Satan's songs because they're dark and chaotic with some really great guitar riffs. Each character has its own musical theme and all in all while you might not be religiously oriented, you can enjoy the masterful job these young men do. They're an underground progressive band that really should enjoy a larger audience.