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Band Members:

Tommy Hjelm -- guitars, vocals
Håvard Iversen -- drums
Martin Rygge -- guitars
Magnus Ruud -- bass


01. Helplessness
02. Making Up For Lost Time
03. I, Deviant
04. Gasping For Air
05. Constriction
06. The Forgiving Embrace
07. Soothing Torture
08. Clawing At The Nerve
09. A Prayer For The Feeble
10. Fallout

Very cool band from Norway. They play death metal with some metalcore influences which only affect the guitar riffs which fit in well with the music. The vocals are clean with a bit of screaming and growling intermixed. The guitar work is very well done and the guitarist alternates between melodic playing and noise. The drumming is really well done as well without the constant pummeling All in all I'd say it's a damn good CD.