Band Website:


Band Members:

Charles Sabin -- vocals
John Donnelly -- guitars
Josh Christian -- guitars
Brian Bonini -- bass
Tad Leger -- drums


01. Think This
02. Greed
03. Spontaneous
04. There Stood The Fence
05. Black And White
06. Technical Arrogance
07. WIR NJN8 in God
08. Machine Dream
09. Out On The Tiles
10. Shotgun Logic
11. Time After Time
12. Think That
13. Shotgun Logic (bonus)
14. Black And White (bonus)

These guys were around for a short amount of time but definitely had a hell of a lot to do with changing the thrash scene. Fortunately Metal Minds has re-released this record. These guys play some fast chords but have a groove that is undeniable. This is what is known as progressive thrash with killer guitar riffs and damn good vocals to boot. If you didn't have the opportunity to listen to these guys back in the day, get this record now.