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Boys Night Out

Dave Costa -- bass
Jeff Davis -- guitar, vocals
Connor Lovat-Fraser -- vocals
Kara Dupuy -- keyboards, vocals
Brian Southall -- drums


01. Introducing
02. Dreaming
03. Waking
04. Sentencing
05. Medicating
06. Purging
07. Relapsing
08. Recovering
09. Composing
10. Disintegrating
11. Healing
12. Dying

What I found cool about this CD is that it tells a story. It's like a concept album and before people roll their eyes, concept albums are very cool if the done correctly and a lot of them have been done correctly and are very cool. Anyway it's about a guy who kills his wife and goes to a mental institution. The whole album is put together really well and it's got a lot of cool screaming and singing. I like the female vocals too. I thought the lyrics were really well written and I could follow the storyline. Great tempo changes and playing on here as well. I think people should pick this up and give it a listen.