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Band Members:

Lee Barrett -- bass
Julie Kiss - vocals
Akos Piris -- drums
Hugo Sheppard -- keyboards
Tom Maclean -- guitars


01. Traces
02. Blood
03. Dreadful Angel
04. Phantoms
05. Born Of Ashes
06. Parfum
07. Obscure Oblivion
08. Realm Of Dreams

This is definitely one of the best progressive metal bands I've heard lately. They incorporate an interesting array of music styles anywhere from black metal to jazz to prog. The vocals are very nice and melodic and the musical accompaniment is quite amazing. Great guitar riffs and bombastic drums make this release quite a good step in the right direction. This band has somehow managed to incorporate all the assets of different metal styles and I'm sure this release will fascinate and mesmerize you as it did me. If you're looking for an album with variety and a vocalist who can actually sing, I think you've found the right record.