Band Website:
Fear Factory

Band Members:
Raymond Herrera -- drums
Burton C. Bell -- vocals
Byron Stroud -- bass
Christian Olde Wolbers -- guitar


01. 540,000 Fahrenheit
02. Transgression
03. Spinal Compression
04. Contagion
05. Empty Vision
06. Echo Of My Scream
07. Supernova
08. New Promise
09. I Will Follow
10. Millennium
11. Moment Of Impact

I love this band. They always come out with some good industrial shit. I've seen them perform before and they can kick ass and take names later. They experiment a bit on the album and some of the tunes are very heavy and some are very melodic. The vocals are very good and intermix clean with a bit of growling. All in all it has the band's basic heaviness and brutality with some melodic mellow shit and it definitely keeps your interest. I thought "Echo Of My Scream" was pretty cool with the acoustic sound and the vocal effects. It's cool to see a band do something a bit different from the norm.