Band Website:
Jeff Scott Soto

Band Members:
Jeff Scott Soto -- bass, keyboards
Neal Schon -- guitar
Howie Simon -- guitar
Gary Schutt -- guitar
Glen Sobel -- drums


01. Believe In Me
02. Soul Divine
03. Drowning
04. If This Is The End
05. Lost In The Translation
06. Doin' Time
07. High Time
08. Beginning 2 End
09. On My Own
10. Find Our Way
11. Sacred Eyes
12. Dulce Lady
13. If This Is The End (video)

This gentleman has been the frontman for some really high class acts such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Axel Rudi Pell. The entire CD is a very enjoyable listen. It has that classic rock feel but that modern freshness with guitar riffs and big vocals. The songs are very catchy and you find yourself singing along after a couple of listens. There's a great balance between rock tunes and ballads. I can honestly say that there is no filler material on this album. The video is very cool as well.