Band Website:
Transmission 0


Band Members:

Mischa van Rodijnen -- vocals, guitar
Dave van Beek -- bass
Michiel van der Avoird -- vocals, synths
Bart Waalen -- drums
Chris Stadhouders -- drums
Leon de Groot -- guitar


01. Cocoon
02. Condor
03. Paracas
04. Dream 1
05. Fragments
06. Dying Light
07. Dream 2
08. Damn Machines
09. UnREM
10. Token

I've reviewed this band's first release and I really like their style. It's really nice atmospheric music combined with a really good metal sound. Some of the songs have an experimental aspect where they sound really progressive and dare I say new age but other songs are more along the metal realm and the songs flow really well. The songs are structured well and I'm really impressed with how talented these musicians really are. The vocals are split between good clean melodic singing and harsh growling. All in all, a great variety of tunes that capture your interest. Great sophomore release by a group of guys who are becoming one of my favorite bands to listen to.