Band Website:
Mick Harvey

Band Members:
Mick Harvey -- vocals
Robin Casinader -- violins
Suzanne Simpson -- violins
Andrea Keeble -- violins
Jason Bunn -- viola
Helen Mountfort -- cello


01. First St. Blues
02. Come Into My Sleep
03. Louise
04. Come On Spring
05. Demon Alcohol
06. Man Without A Home
07. Planetarium
08. The River
09. Hank Williams Said It Best
10. Bethelridge
11. Mother Of Earth
12. Will You Surrender?

To me this CD is everyone's treasure. It's basically mostly covers of original songs but done in such a beautiful, haunting way. There's definitely a mellow, melancholy mood to the music and Mick Harvey makes the songs his own. The guy is absolutely phenomenal. He's an arranger, plays several instruments, and has composed soundtracks as well as done things with Nick Cave. To me that is totally amazing. There's such an array of musical styles on here from kind of country sounding music to Middle Eastern sounding music. It reintroduced a few songs to me that I had heard before but not really paid much attention to. You think that you're not really into those sort of songs and then Mick comes along and basically reinvents them and all of a sudden, they sound pretty good and you keep listening to the CD over and over. This CD is definitely very cool.